ENGLISH: When I decided to come to Florianópolis to study Portuguese, I found, via internet, a language club in Lagoa da Conceição. I contacted them, and since I´m not young any more and have already studied other languages I knew I really needed an experienced teacher. The club and I agreed in all details about teacher and the course. Unfortunately when I arrived here I got a horrible disappointment, the club did not keep their words at all. My experience there was terrifying and traumatizing. We have been fighting so much that at the end they refunded my credit to get rid of me.
I became completely desperate for my learning Portuguese plans were failing and the only reason I had travelled down to Brazil was to learn this so beautiful language.
At that moment, I found Celisa Canto. It was love at first glance! She is a private teacher and from the first moment I could feel that she was exactly what I needed.
Nowadays I must thank that language club for having giving me the opportunity to meet my lovely teacher Celisa.
Her discipline, her stability, her constancy, her rigour, her creativity and above all, her deep knowledge motivate her students profoundly. She is able to make us love her own language. Her motivational techniques are absolutely infallible.

I enjoyed so much to study with Celisa that I´ve just decided to carry on my Portuguese studies with her when I´m back to Spain. I will take online Portuguese course with her.
Thanks a lot, Celisa!!!

Portuguese version


GERMAN: Von meinem ersten Treffen (online) mit Celisa (minha profesora) wusste ich, dass sie das war, was ich brauchte, um diese (für mich) neue Sprache (Portugiesisch) zu lernen. Celisa erkannte sehr schnell, was meine Stärken und Schwächen waren. Sie konnte auch sagen, wie mein Portugiesischlernen von den anderen Sprachen beeinflusst wurde, die ich zusätzlich zu meiner Muttersprache Englisch spreche. Sie hat anschließend und auf sehr brillante Weise meine zukünftigen Lektionen auf diese Beobachtungen zugeschnitten. Sie tat dies auf eine Art und Weise, die sehr konstruktiv war und mir half, meine Ziele schneller zu erreichen. Dieser maßgeschneiderte und persönliche Ansatz macht das Lernen mit Celisa zu einem solchen Vergnügen. Es bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass es mit ihr alles ein Kinderspiel ist. Sie stellt sehr hohe Ansprüche an ihre Schüler und fordert sie heraus, damit sie ihre Ziele erreichen können. Nachdem ich ein paar Monate Online-Unterricht mit Celisa hatte, konnte ich glücklicherweise auf die wunderschöne Insel Florianópolis reisen, um intensiven persönlichen Unterricht mit Celisa zu besuchen. Es war ein Vergnügen, mit Celisa persönlich und an einem so schönen Ort zu lernen. Sie ist nicht nur eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin, sondern auch eine sehr interessante und äußerst nachdenkliche und fürsorgliche Person. Sie liebt es zu unterrichten, und es ist immer zu sehen. Meine morgendlichen Klassen waren eine großartige Möglichkeit, meinen Tag zu beginnen, und die Fortschritte, die ich in den wenigen Wochen mit ihr gemacht habe, waren unglaublich. Ich gewann Vertrauen in die Sprache und obwohl ich noch Anfänger war, konnte ich mich nach meinem relativ kurzen Aufenthalt in Floripa viel besser verständigen. Ich reiste ein paar Wochen durch Brasilien nach meinen Kursen und fühlte mich sehr glücklich, dass ich mit Celisa lernen konnte, da ich mich erfolgreich fast ausschließlich auf Portugiesisch zurechtfand. Obrigado, minha profesora! Jetzt wieder zu Hause nehme ich weiterhin Online-Kurse mit Celisa, da ihre Methodik und Approach wirklich außergewöhnlich sind.


Portuguese version

BRIAN FLESNER – American living in Germany
Finance Director (VP Controlling)

French: “Celisa n’hésite pas à corriger les erreurs de prononciation, car elle southaite que ses élèves parlent un très bon portugais.
Elle a un souci du détail et elle est d’une patience exemplaire. Ses élèves lui tiennent beaucoup à coeur. Elle respecte le rythme de chacun. D’ailleurs, I’élève est invité à déterminer ses objectifs personnels tout au long de processus. Autre point positif: Celisa sera en mesure de vous faire découvrir différentes facettes de Florianópolis”.

Portuguese version

Dominic Turgeon, Canada
Psychologist and Writer

ENGLISH: My experience with Celisa was terrific! She is smart, thorough, professional, dedicated, interesting, and fun! In just the one month that we worked together, she presented me with real-life opportunities to practice my Portuguese. For example, she took me out for a night of soul, jazz, and blues with Sito Lozzi, Péricles Caputo & Antônio Colângelo … I included a picture! She also honed in on what I needed to work on and helped me significantly improve my knowledge of the language. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain confidence and proficiency. A hundred stars!



ENGLISH: Learning Portuguese with Celisa was an incredible experience!
I completed a 2-week intensive, in-person course with her in Florianopolis. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
I spent a couple of months listening to Portuguese classes in audio form before travelling to Brazil. The amount I learned from Celisa in such a short time by far surpassed what I had learned previously. I quickly realised how necessary grammar and feedback are in memorising and perfecting the accent which was missing in audio form.
I have had many (French) language teachers in the past and I can say that Celisa’s skill and experience as well as her extremely evident love for her job puts her far above the rest.
Her teaching method is very effective. It is impressive to see how fast she picks up on what lessons, games or exercises would be most beneficial to complete depending on repeated errors in homework and communication.
She makes you feel so comfortable during her classes, and makes learning fun, incorporating music and even the option to study whilst taking a day trip somewhere else on the island.
We also had a couple of lovely dinners together where we got to know more about each other. She is a fantastic person as well as a fantastic teacher; so open, intelligent, interesting and welcoming. I feel very lucky to have met her.
If you plan to travel to Florianopolis to learn in person, you will not regret it! It is one of the most beautiful places I have been, and the spectacular, small but lively town of Lagoa da Conceição, where Celisa lives is the perfect base. I spent the mornings with Celisa and the afternoons laying in the sun completing my homework.
Studying with Celisa has made me fall in love with Portuguese as a language and I am very inspired to continue learning.
Thanks for everything, Celisa!


JACOB STEVEN – Australia
Prop Maker

ENGLISH: Celisa! You are amazing at what you do! I could really feel the passion and dedication for your job. Thank you for preparing me for my stay in Brazil. I honestly would have never been able to communicate within 2 months, if it was not for your help and the basis that you gave me in our 1-week intensive course! Thank you so much!
Celisa is an excellent teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment through interactive learning experience like music. She introduced me to my first Brazilian song, and I was not totally lost when I arrived at parties in Bahia. Due to Celisa’s demanding, but patient and kind character, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve.
I can only recommend to everyone, from young to old, to come to Floripa to learn Portuguese with Celisa.
You will not regret it!



ENGLISH: I started working with Celisa in 2017 when I spent 2 months in Florianopolis doing the Live & Learn program. I am still working with her remotely. Before I started studying with Celisa, I had studied Portuguese off and on with other teachers. Celisa is hands down the best Portuguese teacher I have had. Celisa has spent years studying the details of the language so she can give you a detailed answer to almost any question. In addition, she is fluent in English so will often provide an explanation of how things work in English compared with Portuguese. I have learned so much from her.
As a person, Celisa is a caring teacher who is invested in the success of her students. During the past couple of years, I have worked periodically at a medical school in Brazil. From time to time, I have had to make presentations to the students or faculty, in Portuguese. Celisa has rearranged her schedule to work with me to ensure that I would be ready for the presentations.
Working with Celisa requires a lot of work. She will give you her expertise and support, but in return, she expects you to come to class having completed assignments and ready to learn. She will push you to do your best. Reprise I have learned so much from her.


Portuguese version

JOAN W. – USA – Washington, D.C.

Spanish: Cuando decidí venir a Brasil estaba muy entusiasmada por aprender un nuevo idioma, y así fue, estudiar portugués ha sido mucho más interesante de lo que había imaginado. Contacté a Celisa y me encontré con una gran maestra. Además de su dominio del idioma portugués, su profesionalismo, paciencia y nobleza hicieron de mis clases y tiempo con ella muy enriquecedor y divertido. Ella explica la historia y la razón detrás de las palabras, tiene un método de enseñanza excelente y flexible, de acuerdo con el ritmo del alumno. Su pasión por su trabajo es capaz de envolverte en el idioma y disfrutarlo. Esperaba mis clases todas las mañanas con ansias, además de estudiar, disfruté mucho sus temas de conversación y anécdotas entretenidas también.
Logré estudiar los principales elementos de gramática portuguesa en dos semanas de clases. Gracias, Celisa por ser mi profesora de portugués y maestra de vida.
¡Eres un ser maravilloso lleno de luz!


Andry Gabriela Ramirez – VE
Tecnóloga Cardiopulmonar

ENGLISH: Learning Portuguese with Celisa is very enjoyable and interesting. I am not only learning Portuguese, but at the same time improving my English grammar! Celisa is one of the leading experts in the Portuguese language used in Brazil. Whilst ensuring that there is a focus on correct grammar, she offers extensive teaching in day to day and colloquial use of the language. If you are interested, she can teach you about regional language differences and the history of Portuguese. I am very satisfied with the progress to date, I am confident when reading, writing and also watching films and news in Portuguese. Our conversations cover a very wide range of topics from day-to-day matters to philosophy or whatever theme is of interest to me. Celisa is well informed and easily engages in all conversational themes. Learning Portuguese with Celisa is a privilege, and she is sensitive to the ability and the interests of the student. A very highly recommended teacher.


Portuguese version

Peter Cleland – UK

ENGLISH: I am from the Netherlands and I live in Florianopolis, but I don’t have a natural skill for languages. From the very first moment, Celisa has been very professional, but also very open and friendly in her teaching.
With her 50 years of experience in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language, she knows exactly how to tailor the syllabus to any of her students´ level needs and personalize the learning experience. With her incredible positive attitude, it is a great joy to learn this interesting language, and with her help, I am progressing significantly in Portuguese.


Dutch version

IT Project Manager

English: Dear Celisa,

just a short note to say thank you so much for my Portuguese classes. I enjoyed them immensely.

I have taken foreign language classes in many locations with so many teachers, and you certainly

rank up with the best I have had the opportunity to work with.

Most importantly, thank you so much for assisting us in integrating into the community, the

concert, restaurant ideas, etc. They were so helpful. I really appreciated the final "aura" with food

and drink, as well as such interesting conversation.

My conference was wonderful – you would have been proud – I spent the majority of the time

speaking to everyone in Portuguese. It was very empowering.

Please do stay in touch, as it was a pleasure meeting you. I will send any students I know your


 Thanks and enjoy! Lisa.

Dr. Professor at Schulich School of Music - McGill University

English:  Celisa, thanks a thousand times for training basics of Portuguese language to me with

great success in only one week! Saying this means a lot because on the one hand I'm

nearly unteachable in learning new languages (some teachers from the past know what

I'm talking about). On the other hand I really enjoyed to work with you although it was no

easy going walkaway;). I'm looking forward to continue training classes with you online.

All the best from Hamburg, Germany.


English: There is much praise to say about Celisa, that conciseness turns into an art and injustice at the same time. For me, choosing a teacher was not that simple in the first place, as I had time constraints and several particular business portuguese goals to consider. I am very glad I chose Celisa, as she was able to provide a flexible schedule, cater to my basic everyday and professional language needs in the best way possible. I would like to remark, that I do not have a facility for languages, but her style of teaching allowed me to become completely fluent after 3-4 months. What else can I say 🙂 Next to being an incredible smart teacher, she is a very caring and loving person. Her care for her students goes beyond grammar and pronunciation issues. I feel very privileged indeed to have had the chance to be one of her students. Celisa, thank you for turning this painful process of learning a new language into such a great experience. Thanks for all the teachings about Brasil, the great coffees and cakes, and the fantastic dinners.

Benedikt Girz, Germany
Marketer, Web Designer & Programmer

German: Der Unterricht mit Celisa ist sehr kreativ und macht viel Spaß. Die engagierte Akademikerin aus Sao Paulo vermittelt schwierige Strukturen des brasilianischen Portugiesisch auf einfache, klare Weise. Dabei nutzt die passionierte Klavierspielerin auch Musik als Unterrichtsmedium.Bravo auch zu ihren Fehleranalysen, die sie einem ganz spielerisch vermittelt.Vielen Dank, liebe Celisa, und hoffentlich auf ein Wiedersehen in Florianopolis, herzliche Grüsse aus München, Gabriela Greess

Portuguese version

Gabriela Greess, Germany

English: When I moved from the United States to Brazil, I knew I would have to face the challenge of learning Port uguese, particularly with my objective of working as a doctor here, in Brazil. I was fortunate to have followed the recommendation of a neighbor, a student of Celisa’s, who also was very serious about learning the language. Upon meeting Celisa, I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore in this foreign country and that learning Portuguese would be much more interesting than I had imagined. She is an invaluable resource to her students in terms of providing advice on adjusting to life in Brazil as well as integrating them into various cultural activities. She worked diligently to prepare me for the Portuguese proficiency examination (CELPE-Bras), which I was able to pass with an advanced grade on my first try. Her knowledge of Portuguese surpasses that of most highly educated Brazilians, and her constant pursuit of “the why” in Portuguese, deepens her students understanding . I really felt like I was home when for once someone did not ask me what country I was from after the first minute or so of conversation, but asked me from what part of Brazil I was from. I also laughed when someone commented on how good my English was!! I am proud to recommend Celisa to anyone looking to learn the language as she is not only a superb, dynamic teacher, but she is also an upright ,noble person, whom I am honored to call a friend.

Portuguese version

Berna Roig - USA
Radiation Oncologist

English: I travelled to Brasil to learn the basics of Portuguese for 3 months with absolutely zero prior knowledge of the language. I had one month of classes in Rio at a language school before going to Floripa for a 1-week visit. It was during this time that the owner of the guesthouse I lodged introduced me to Celisa. After 2 test sessions with her, I decided to go back to Rio and quit my language course there. After that, I went back to Florianópolis and stay for one month with Celisa. I ended up learning in a single month what I had imagined I would learn in 3 after three months of intense course with Celisa. In only four weeks, I could hold a full conversation in Portuguese and understand 80% of the conversations in a Brazilian movie. Amazing stuff!!!! Celisa really pays attention to what you need and takes time to learn which are the best methods to teach you on a case-by-case basis, which I think is fantastic. Her passion and dedication to her work are very rare, and it is very obvious in the brilliant result her students come out with.

Samsom Adamu, Senegal
CEO of Kinetic Sports Assistant General Coordinator for FIFA General Coordinator for Confederation of African Football - CAF

Norwegian: Hei! Jeg reiste til Ilha de Florianópolis et par måneder både for å slappe av og nyte stillheten og de fantastiske strendene, men særlig for å lære meg portugisisk. Fordi jeg har studert en del språk, som spansk, ved Universitetet i Oslo, lette jeg etter en lærer som ikke bare kunne lære meg det mest esensielle ved det portugisiske språket, men som også kunne forklare meg mer dyptgående om portugisisk struktur og grammatikk. I Celisa fant jeg den aller beste læreren jeg kunne ha funnet. Hun tilbød morsomme, effektive og interessante timer. Vel hjemme igjen har jeg fått veldig gode karakterer både i portugisisk språk og litteratur på Universitetet i Oslo, og mye av æren for det vil jeg gjerne gi til Celisa: Hun la det nødvendige grunnlaget for å forstå det portugisiske språket, på to måneder med henne ble jeg kjent med brasiliansk litteratur, musikk og språk på en måte jeg ikke hadde drømt om før jeg dro til Brasil. Og det viktigste av alt: Jeg ble kjent med Celisa, som viste et enormt talent for undervisning. På den korte tiden jeg var i Brasil, viste hun meg også litt av sitt omtenksomme hjerte – de kveldstimene i brasilianske netter, med te og musikk, er noen av de beste minnene jeg har fra Brasil. Beste hilsener, Øyunn

Portuguese version

Student at Oslo University, Linguistics

FRENCH: Je voyage au Brésil depuis 5 années très régulièrement et apprendre le portugais est un outil supplémentaire pour connaître et comprendre encore mieux le pays…Florianopolis et sa région sont parmi les endroits les plus relaxants du pays et apprendre la langue sur place a été à la fois un moment agréable et une immersion laborieuse de tous les instants pour sentir et vivre le Brésil en toute amitié. Merci à mon professeur Célisa et à bientôt dans ce coin fait de simplicité et de bonheur à la manière brésilienne.

Portuguese version


English: It is so great to travel in Brazil with the possibility to speak with the local people! Thank you so much, Celisa!

German: Wie toll es ist in Brasilien unterwegs zu sein und die Moeglichkeit zu haben, mit den Einheimischen zu reden! Danke, Celisa!

Czech: Jak bezvadne je cestovat po Brazilii a mit tu moznost, mluvit s mistnimi! Tisice dik, Celisa!

Portuguese version

Pavla Vanická - Czech Republic
Translator and Webdesigner

PORTUGUÊS: Sempre quis ir ao Brasil e aprender português, até que a oportunidade de viajar a Florianópolis aconteceu.

Procurando aulas de português, achei o site da Celisa. Quando nos conhecemos, ela me deu um “tour” por seu belo bairro: Lagoa da Conceição. Eu gostei muito disso porque me senti bem-vinda e pude apreciar as lindas vistas que a Lagoa oferece.

Como aluna, eu adorei as aulas da Celisa, especialmente o jeito que ela tinha para corrigir meus erros gramaticais. Tive duas horas diárias por uma semana e com suas aulas senti confiança para falar com as pessoas de lá.

Mais que uma professora, Celisa é uma amiga que me ajudou quando tive que achar uma pousada para ficar na Lagoa com minhas irmãs, um bom restaurante onde comer comida típica brasileira e inclusive táxis.

Obrigada por tudo Celisa!

Katherine Messer - USA

GERMAN: Auf der Suche nach einem Sprachkurs habe ich zufällig Celisas Email-Adresse gefunden. Wir sind uns sehr schnell einig geworden. Celisa hat alles für mich organisiert (Wohnung, Anmeldung bei Polizei, CPF, etc.). Ich hatte -über einen Zeitraum von acht Wochen- sechs Stunden portugiesisch pro Tag. Es war anstrengend, aber hat sich gelohnt. Bevor ich in Brasilien angekommen bin, konnte ich vier Wörter (Hallo, Danke, Bitte, das vierte habe ich vergessen)

Dieser Kurs hat mich auf meine Arbeit in Brasilien vorbereitet! Es ist ein gutes Gefühl eine Sprache von Grund auf zu lernen und innerhalb weniger Wochen in der Lage zu sein sich wirklich ordentlich zu verständigen. Nach 7 Wochen hat mich jemand für einen Brasilianer gehalten!

Portuguese version

Benedikt Heid, Germany
Business Administrator

FRENCH: Après avoir vécu trois mois à Rio de Janeiro, j’ai rencontré Celisa Canto à Florianópolis (État de Santa Catarina, sud du Brésil). Quelques heures de cours m’ont permis d’enrichir considérablement mon vocabulaire et ma connaissance de la grammaire portugaise, ainsi que d’améliorer mes habiletés conversationnelles. Celisa adapte ses leçons au rythme et au niveau de l’étudiant. Elle encourage le travail personnel et l’étude afin de pouvoir présenter un maximum de notions nouvelles pendant les leçons. Grâce à son expérience comme enseignante et à sa connaissance de sa langue maternelle et de plusieurs langues étrangères, Celisa présente la matière de façon claire et approfondie. Elle dispose de plusieurs exemples et met chaque notion en contexte. Celisa offre en outre à ses étudiants diverses opportunités de s’initier à la belle et riche culture brésilienne.

Portuguese version


FRENCH: Un mois après mon arrivée au Brésil, j’ai décidé de suivre des cours avec un professeur particulier, mes lectures avec la méthode ” assimil ” n’étaient pas suffisantes, j’avais besoin de l’aide d’une personne compétente, patiente et surtout ayant une autre approche de celle que l’on peux trouver dans les écoles.

Portuguese version

Isabelle Bourgeois - France
Assistente de Direction

GERMAN: Ich war vor 1 1/2 Jahren in Brasilien. Mein Freund hat dort seine Diplomarbeit geschrieben und ich habe ihn für 2 Monate besucht. Nach einer wunderschönen Woche in Rio de Janeiro über Karneval sind wir nach Florianopolis gefahren.

Wahnsinnig viele traumhafte Strände, brasilianisches Lebensgefühl und Caipis haben es zu einer fantastischen Zeit gemacht. Ich habe dort ein Praktikum im Krankenhaus für mein Studium gemacht. Portugiesisch konnte ich vorher leider nicht, aber das hat sich schnell geändert. Wir haben bei Celisa Unterricht genommen. Sie unterrichtet bei sich daheim und es war mehr wie einfach nur Sprachunterricht. Wir haben viel über die Kultur, das Land und die Umgebung gelernt und wenn immer ein Problem war hat sie uns geholfen. Celisa unterrichtet auf Englisch, was aber sehr gut geklappt hat und wir haben sehr schnell dazu gelernt. Es macht wirklich sehr viel Spass Portugiesisch bei Celisa zu lernen und es ist ein tolles Gefühl, wenn man die ersten Gespräche mit Brasilianer führen kann. Bücher und Lernzettel hat Celisa immer vorbereitet und so war es ein wirklich sehr gut strukturierter Unterricht. Aber Vokabeln muss man selber lernen- am besten an einem der traumhaften Strände!!
Es war eine traumhafte Zeit in Brasilien und ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen!!

Portuguese version

Nina Laping & Martin Herber - Germany
Physician & Computer Scientist

ITALIAN: E’ stata una fortuna trovare Celisa su internet: in due settimane io, che mai avevo studiato portoghese, già ero in grado di parlarlo e i brasiliani che incontravo non riuscivano a credere che avessi appreso così rapidamente.
Celisa mi ha insegnato il portoghese in modo unico e divertente, con grande piacere, e mi ha anche fatto conoscere la meravigliosa cultura e la musica brasiliane. Non solo un’ottima insegnante, ma anche una persona speciale e un bel regalo che questo viaggio mi ha fatto. Celisa, sei grande!!!

Portuguese version

Hostel Manager

I have never had a better language instructor than Celisa. Her command of the Portuguese language and ability to teach is incredible. Celisa was able to explain the history and reason behind words and phrases with entertaining anecdotes, which helped me remember what would typically be forgotten in a normal language lesson.

Celisa took a personal interest in the progression of my Portuguese, which started from nothing and was conversational at the end of two months.

I looked forward to my two hour classes with her every day and thanks to what she taught me, I got to know Brazil from the inside, by traveling and talking to locals in their own language. I miss the beautiful Florianopolis and the people I met there, especially minha profesora (my teacher).

Grady Womack - USA
Business Administrator

ENGLISH: When I arrived in Lagoa – Florianópolis, I was sure I needed to take a class in Portuguese. Ordinarily I visit three or four teachers or schools before deciding where to go, but when I met Celisa I was immediately convinced that I didn’t need to visit any other teachers because it was obvious she was very interested and competent in her work andeven interested in the lives of each individual student.

Her passion for her work and her students lives results in a great learning and social experience for both.

Portuguese version

Chris Matera - USA
Civil Engineer

GERMAN: Wenn man in Brasilien ist, dann merkt man schnell dass man ohne portugiesisch nicht weit kommt. Florianopolis ist einer der besten Orte die Sprache zu lernen und Celisa ist die beste Lehrerin in Floripa.

Portuguese version


ENGLISH: Having learned three foreign languages, I have had many language teachers. I can honestly say that Celisa is the best teacher I have ever had. She was able to adjust her class to the level I needed and to answer all of the questions that had built up after months of traveling around Brazil. She understands the differences between Portuguese, Spanish, and English, which was very helpful. She is also a friendly and open person – one of my great memories from Brazil. 

Portuguese version

David Meissner - USA

GERMAN: Ich bin nach Brasilien gefahren, um die Sprache zu lernen, und über einen Tip hatte ich das Glück, Celisa kennenzulernen. Sie ist nicht nur eine gute Lehrerin – sie ist auch ein sympathischer und lebhafter Mensch, der sich für das Leben seiner Schüler interessiert. Ausserdem hat sie auch selber viele Geschichten zu erzählen, und ich habe mich immer sehr gerne mit ihr unterhalten. Eine Sprache zu lernen ist nie einfach, aber Celisa weiss, wie man unterrichtet, und mit ihrer Erfahrung habe ich sehr viel in sehr kurzer Zeit gelernt. Ich habe in der Vergangenheit auch andere Sprachen gelernt, und Celisa ist die beste Lehrerin, die ich kenne, es war perfekt!

Portuguese version

IT Engineer

PORTUGUÊS: As aulas de português foram desde o início mais do que aulas. Tivemos uma relação muito agradável e familiar, e Celisa Canto reconheceu muito bem meus pontos fortes e fracos (claro que eu tinha muito mais pontos fracos que fortes).

Ela se interessa por seus alunos e ajuda em seus problemas em tudo o que ela pode. Eu quebrei o braço no terceiro dia de Brasil e, depois, eu tive 3 semanas de aulas intensivas e muitas tarefas. Apesar disso, eu fiquei muito feliz, pois Celisa me ajudou com muitas coisas e eu aproveitei o tempo que tive que ficar meio “quietinha” para estudar ainda mais.
Celisa nunca se cansa de explicar tudo de novo e de novo quando ela encontra um erro. Ela explica tudo em português, e ela faz isso de tal jeito que eu quase não notava que nós não falamos a minha língua.

Meus amigos brasileiros aqui na Alemanha estão surpresos com o alto nível de meu  português.

Muito muito obrigada, querida Celisa!
Quero voltar para Floripa e para você o quanto antes.

Interior & Decoration Consultant

Depois de um mês em Florianópolis, comecei a fazer aulas de português com Celisa Canto.
Em menos de 3 meses, já pude ter mais confiança para falar mais no meu dia-a-dia.
Ela tem muita experiência e sabe o que você precisa aprender passo a passo.
Posso recomendar Celisa Canto para qualquer pessoa que esteja querendo aprender português.
Obrigado. Celisa!

Anders Christiensen
Norway – Social Worker

GERMAN: Celisa macht einen super Unterricht. Ich habe 3 Wochen Intensivsprachkurs mit ihr gemacht und es sehr genossen. Ihr Unterricht ist abwechslungsreich und sehr individuell angepasst an Sprachniveau und thematische Interessen ihrer Schülerinnen und Schüler. Wenn gewünscht, macht sie auch Unterricht in verschiedenen Kontexten, während eigens ausgewählten kleinen events wie gemeinsam kochen, Besuche von Orten des Interesses in der Region etc. Das spricht sie im Voraus mit ihren Schülern ab.

Am meisten hat mir gefallen, dass Celisa sofort erfasst, wo es bei uns in der Sprache harkt und gleich darauf eingeht, erklärt und gemeinsam übt. Und das mit viel Geduld und Motivation.

Sie arbeitet mit Texten, Musik, Gedichten, Interviews, Reden….alles angepasst an das Interesse der Schüler. Wenn es passt, lädt sie Gäste ein, die zu interessanten Themen sprechen, die dann als Lerninhalte verwendet werden können.

Sehr gut ist auch, dass Celisa selber lange Auslandserfahrung hat, sich in andere Sprech- und Denkweisen hineinversetzen kann und auf Englisch spricht und erklärt, wenn es erforderlich wird.

Ich habe die 3 Wochen sehr genossen, es war jede Minute interessant und wir haben gemeinsam viel Spaß gemacht. Der Unterricht von Celisa ist professionell, kreativ und erfolgreich!

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Ethnologin und Mediatorin

FRENCH: Mon ami étant natif de florianópolis et ayant l’intention de m’y installer, l’importance de parler correctement le portugais est capital pour moi. 

Celisa est la personne parfaite pour ça. Elle aime sa langue et ça se sent. Elle sait comment s’adapter à chaque élève pour lui apporter la connaissance en fonction de ses difficultés. Elle est disciplinée, organisée, ponctuelle, sérieuse mais par dessus tout elle est très sympathique et dévouée. Elle est toujours là si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit sur l’île.

J’ai suivi des cours pendant 5 semaines, 2x par semaine et je suis partie avec de grandes améliorations en diction, grammaire et écriture. Je vais continuer mes cours avec Celisa par Skype.

Je n’aurais pas pu trouver meilleur professeur. Merci Celisa

ENGLISH: My boyfriend is from Florianópolis and we are going to settle down there one day. That is why I need to speak Portuguese well.
Celisa is the perfect teacher for that. She loves her language and we can feel it. She knows how to adapt the content of the course to each student and their own specific difficulties and create a method for each one of them.
She is disciplined, organised, punctual, serious and above all she is very nice and dedicated.
Celisa is always ready to help you with anything you need to make your stay more comfortable.

I followed classes with her for 6 weeks, twice a week, and I left Brazil with a very impressive improvement of pronunciation, grammar and writing. I will continue classes with her over Skype.

I couldn’t have found a better teacher.

Thanks, Celisa.

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CHANTAL DÉPRAZ - Switzerland

Gostaria de falar de minha experiência de estudar português com Celisa Canto.
Comecei a aprender português com ela há 7 meses, porém de maneira descontínua porque, além de não morar no Brasil, viajo muito.
Quando eu posso, faço também aulas online com ela, e isso me ajuda muito a ficar
em contato com a língua.

Eu não gosto de estudar idiomas porque normalmente as aulas são muito chatas. Mas com Celisa, tem sido uma experiência muito divertida, pois ela é muito criativa e tem uma  capacidade infinita de ensinar as regras gramaticais através de temas de interesse do aluno – o livro de gramática não é sua ferramenta principal. Ela ensina tudo partindo de temas do interesse social e profissional do aluno. Por isso, hoje eu posso escrever e falar tranquilamente.
Eu quero enfatizar que, apesar de viver há muitos anos na Itália, minha língua-mãe é o persa, por isso, estou muito grata à Celisa por sua criatividade e paciência.


GERMAN: Ich war während meiner Ferien eine Woche in Brasilien und eine Woche in Argentinien. Ich hatte somit leider nur Zeit für einen kurzen Intensivkurs Portugiesisch. Celisa wurde mir von dem Eigentümer der Pousada empfohlen, in der wir wohnten. Trotz der kurzen Zeit hatten wir Gelegenheit sehr viele Themen zu besprechen, von Grammatik bis zu Fragen des täglichen Lebens. Ich habe Celisa dabei als sehr gute, gewissenhafte und darüber hinaus als sehr lebhafte Lehrerin kennengelernt, mit der der Unterricht in erster Linie sehr viel Spaß gemacht hat. Ich möchte auf jeden Fall nochmals einen Kurs bei ihr belegen, wenn ich nächstes Jahr wieder in Brasilien bin. Besonders gut haben mir die Hörübungen gefallen. Ich singe noch jetzt so manches brasilianische Lied.

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English: My experience with Celisa has been wonderful. I am Italian and I met her by chance when I was staying in Floripa for a month for work. Indeed, I decided that learning some basics of the local language would help me in living there and communicate with people. Although I had no previous experience with Portuguese, she was able to make me speak in 10 days. At the end of that month my friends were surprised to see how I had improved my speaking.
I have to say that this really changed the quality of my life in Brazil since I was able to communicate with non-English speaking people.
Apart from her extraordinary capacity to make me speak in such a short time, I also appreciate a lot her friendship, her way of thinking and facing life, her support in my everyday life and at the end I think I also made a friend, not only a good teacher.

La mia esperienza con Celisa e’ stata davvero meravigliosa. Io sono italiana e l’ho conosciuta quando ho passato un periodo di un mese a Florianopolis per lavoro. Infatti ho deciso di imparare le basi della lingua locale per essere in grado di comunicare con le persone. Nonostante non abbia avuto alcune precedente esperienza di portoghese, lei e’ stata un gradi di farmi parlare in soli 10 giorni. Alla fine del mese trascorso a Florianopilis i miei amici erano sorpresi per cose fossi in gradi di parlare con loro. DEvo ammettere che questo ha cambiato la qualita’ della mia vita in Brasile perche’ ero in grado di comunicare anche con chi non parlava inglese.
A parte la sua straordinaria capacita’ di insegnarmi a parlare in poco tempo, apprezzo molto la sua amicizia, il suo modo di vivere la vita, il suo supporto nella vita quotidiana e alla fine penso di avere anche trovato un’amica, non solo una brava insegnante .

Computer Science Researcher

English: Working with Celisa Canto to learn Portuguese is a special experience and a pleasure. 

She brings such an incredible wealth of knowledge.  Not only about the ins and outs

and all the nooks and crannies of the language – she also really understands how

people learn languages. She has such a strong command of how to gently and firmly

guide a student to learn.  She intuits the pace of the student, brings a great diversity of

learning tools, is invested in the student's growth, and, most simply, is in her calling as

a teacher.  With more than 40 years experience, she is at the peak of this profession. 

As someone who felt very insecure learning a language, I am really grateful for Celisa! 

Thank you so much!


English:  Having spent time in Florianopolis in 2010 I had already come to love the

magical island and looked for any excuse to return. What better excuse than to

learn Portuguese. I contacted Celisa and found myself a great teacher. In the

short time I spent learning with Celisa my Portuguese improved dramatically

and by the time I left Brazil my ability to communicate and even hold

conversations was evident. Not only is Celisa a brilliant teacher but she is a

wonderful person who is very welcoming, supportive and encouraging. Her

classes are very well structured and bring ease to a difficult language.

Having the ability to speak Portuguese made the time I spend in Brazil so much

better, to be able to communicate with people made my trip much more

exciting and as a result I made many new friends and felt far more at home.

I highly recommend learning Portuguese with Celisa Canto, from the beautiful

location to great classes with a great teacher… What more could you ask for?

Ria Wells - Wales

English:  Celisa Canto is a world class, native teacher who lives on the magical island of Florianopolis, Brazil. I recently took weekly Portuguese classes from her while I explored all that Florianopolis has to offer.

I looked forward to my classes each week because they were fun and challenging.  Celisa’s flat is a comfortable place to learn and Celisa makes you feel at home there. The main reason I highly recommend Celisa is that she develops the curriculum around you. She doesn't try to fit you into a pre-determined plan. Only the best language teachers can do this. What you get are lessons tailor-made for you, your interests and your language goals. Because I love live music, she took me to several local concerts.

Celisa is patient and enthusiastic in class and loves to share her knowledge of Brazilian history and culture as it relates to the language. Over the course of my studies with Celisa I learned to speak, read and write Portuguese in the present, past and future tenses.

That's really all I needed to talk with friends, shopkeepers and Brazilians I met on my travels. Brazilians are very friendly and being able to converse with them made my travels around Florianopolis easier and more enjoyable. Florianopolis is a 55 kilometer long Island off the southern coast of Brazil. It has a mild climate which is great for surfing and boating off its 42 famous beaches.

Celisa lives in the district of Lagoa da Conceição which is centrally located near a beautiful lagoon and affords easy access to the rest of the island. The district is full of great bars and restaurants.

My favorite beach on Florianopolis is Matadeiro Beach. It can only be reached by hiking along the shore from the district of Armação. The surfing is great and the sense of isolation contributes to the overall magic of the place.

The food on the island is delicious. Restaurants range from raw oyster bars on the beach to Brazilian steakhouses in the downtown area. My favorite restaurant is The Meat Shop where Chef Beth serves up homemade sausages and juicy picanha, a beef filet that Brazilians adore.

The national drink, the caipirinha, has also become my favorite go-to drink. It is refreshing mixture of cane alcohol, sugar and fresh limes. If I drink more than one, I usually end up dancing with strangers, not that that's a bad idea.

You, too, can experience life on the chill island of Florianopolis and learn Portuguese at the same time from Celisa Canto. Seriously, I can't imagine a better way to do it!

Sheila  Graham - USA
Project Mannager

English:  If you want to learn Portuguese, you should take lessons with Celisa Canto. Not only will

you learn how to speak Portuguese fast, but you’ll actually LOVE it. Celisa’s way of teaching

is very interactive, so it doesn’t feel like a chore, but it’s actually fun to do.

Before I signed up I was a bit hesitant:

“Do I really want to do private lessons, shouldn’t I just do some simple classes or take an

online course?” was the thought that went through my head.

But I’m really glad I ignored that thought and decided to take lessons with Celisa because

even though I only stayed for 2 weeks, I was able to have a 20 (!) minute conversation with

a local and could use what I learned in daily life.

I can only highly recommend her.

Online Marketer

English:  I took my first Brazilian Portuguese lessons 5 years ago in Florianopolis; but these were not with Celisa and my initial progress

was slow. I already had a Spanish grounding but the differences between the two languages are significant, especially with

pronunciation, so I was getting confused. Then, after coming out of a supermarket, I got a blessing! I saw Celisa’s unique car

advertising her Portuguese classes. I called. We met and I’ve never looked back. In just half a lesson with Celisa my confusions

became clear. I instantly gained appreciation of the language patterns and pronunciation and for me this alone was a huge leap.

It was magic.

There are varous qualities about Celisa, which make up her magic. First, she is able to adapt and flex her teaching style. In hand

with that she is a fantastic people person, able to read the personality and learning style of each student. These two qualities

together enable Celisa to tailor teaching to the optimum learning for each unique individual. She also has meticulous

professionalism. I contacted her again after 5 years and she still had her former notes on my lessons on file.

Now add Celisa’s genuine passion and knowledge of etymology and history of languages to this recipe. With this she enables

learners to rapidly appreciate differences and similarities between languages; in such a way that provides students a shortcut

to knowing what is right without having to depend heavily on memory.

Most of all Celisa cares. She cares so much that she delivers precision while demanding it from you. She has immense patience

for a learner struggling to find the correct words, yet persistent with the patience. Her attentive care is nothing but pure love

for her students.

Yes, that’s it! Celisa is a loving teacher. Her heart is in it. Her heart is in her students. Her heart is in her language. Her heart is in

her land. And she is innately driven to marry all of these for her student’s accelerated learning of language.  And this shows in a

multitude of ways – With Celisa, you not only get the alphabet, words and grammar, but also she shares so much of herself with

you: local knowledge, culture and the rhythm of her place – and all tailored to what she has read about who you are. She tailors

to her students and this is rare. Canto means song and her teaching ability really flows like a song.

In my case, she came to know that I wish to understand the lyrics of Bossa Nova songs and so classes were tailored to that,

incorporating song verses, for which I am so passionate as driving challenges to push me forward with enthusiasm and flare.

Finally, speaking of songs and recipes, it must also be said that Celisa’s new Live and Learn programme is highly recommended.

She opens her home for students to live in and provides a delicious and healthy breakfast with typical local produce. Alongside

formal classes, students constantly speak in Portuguese with Celisa and have opportunity to engage with her around local

culture, music, dinners and friends, who are all kind to speak slowly for her students.

Celisa’s Live & Learn programme is a privileged way to learn.