Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

English: I travelled to Brasil to learn the basics of Portuguese for 3 months with absolutely zero prior knowledge of the language. I had one month of classes in Rio at a language school before going to Floripa for a 1-week visit. It was during this time that the owner of the guesthouse I lodged introduced me to Celisa. After 2 test sessions with her, I decided to go back to Rio and quit my language course there. After that, I went back to Florianópolis and stay for one month with Celisa. I ended up learning in a single month what I had imagined I would learn in 3 after three months of intense course with Celisa. In only four weeks, I could hold a full conversation in Portuguese and understand 80% of the conversations in a Brazilian movie. Amazing stuff!!!! Celisa really pays attention to what you need and takes time to learn which are the best methods to teach you on a case-by-case basis, which I think is fantastic. Her passion and dedication to her work are very rare, and it is very obvious in the brilliant result her students come out with.