Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

ENGLISH: I started working with Celisa in 2017 when I spent 2 months in Florianopolis doing the Live & Learn program. I am still working with her remotely. Before I started studying with Celisa, I had studied Portuguese off and on with other teachers. Celisa is hands down the best Portuguese teacher I have had. Celisa has spent years studying the details of the language so she can give you a detailed answer to almost any question. In addition, she is fluent in English so will often provide an explanation of how things work in English compared with Portuguese. I have learned so much from her.
As a person, Celisa is a caring teacher who is invested in the success of her students. During the past couple of years, I have worked periodically at a medical school in Brazil. From time to time, I have had to make presentations to the students or faculty, in Portuguese. Celisa has rearranged her schedule to work with me to ensure that I would be ready for the presentations.
Working with Celisa requires a lot of work. She will give you her expertise and support, but in return, she expects you to come to class having completed assignments and ready to learn. She will push you to do your best. Reprise I have learned so much from her.