Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

ENGLISH: Learning Portuguese with Celisa was an incredible experience!
I completed a 2-week intensive, in-person course with her in Florianopolis. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
I spent a couple of months listening to Portuguese classes in audio form before travelling to Brazil. The amount I learned from Celisa in such a short time by far surpassed what I had learned previously. I quickly realised how necessary grammar and feedback are in memorising and perfecting the accent which was missing in audio form.
I have had many (French) language teachers in the past and I can say that Celisa’s skill and experience as well as her extremely evident love for her job puts her far above the rest.
Her teaching method is very effective. It is impressive to see how fast she picks up on what lessons, games or exercises would be most beneficial to complete depending on repeated errors in homework and communication.
She makes you feel so comfortable during her classes, and makes learning fun, incorporating music and even the option to study whilst taking a day trip somewhere else on the island.
We also had a couple of lovely dinners together where we got to know more about each other. She is a fantastic person as well as a fantastic teacher; so open, intelligent, interesting and welcoming. I feel very lucky to have met her.
If you plan to travel to Florianopolis to learn in person, you will not regret it! It is one of the most beautiful places I have been, and the spectacular, small but lively town of Lagoa da Conceição, where Celisa lives is the perfect base. I spent the mornings with Celisa and the afternoons laying in the sun completing my homework.
Studying with Celisa has made me fall in love with Portuguese as a language and I am very inspired to continue learning.
Thanks for everything, Celisa!