Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

ENGLISH: Celisa! You are amazing at what you do! I could really feel the passion and dedication for your job. Thank you for preparing me for my stay in Brazil. I honestly would have never been able to communicate within 2 months, if it was not for your help and the basis that you gave me in our 1-week intensive course! Thank you so much!
Celisa is an excellent teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment through interactive learning experience like music. She introduced me to my first Brazilian song, and I was not totally lost when I arrived at parties in Bahia. Due to Celisa’s demanding, but patient and kind character, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve.
I can only recommend to everyone, from young to old, to come to Floripa to learn Portuguese with Celisa.
You will not regret it!