Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

English: When I moved from the United States to Brazil, I knew I would have to face the challenge of learning Port uguese, particularly with my objective of working as a doctor here, in Brazil. I was fortunate to have followed the recommendation of a neighbor, a student of Celisa’s, who also was very serious about learning the language. Upon meeting Celisa, I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore in this foreign country and that learning Portuguese would be much more interesting than I had imagined. She is an invaluable resource to her students in terms of providing advice on adjusting to life in Brazil as well as integrating them into various cultural activities. She worked diligently to prepare me for the Portuguese proficiency examination (CELPE-Bras), which I was able to pass with an advanced grade on my first try. Her knowledge of Portuguese surpasses that of most highly educated Brazilians, and her constant pursuit of “the why” in Portuguese, deepens her students understanding . I really felt like I was home when for once someone did not ask me what country I was from after the first minute or so of conversation, but asked me from what part of Brazil I was from. I also laughed when someone commented on how good my English was!! I am proud to recommend Celisa to anyone looking to learn the language as she is not only a superb, dynamic teacher, but she is also an upright ,noble person, whom I am honored to call a friend.