Learn Portuguese with Celisa Canto

ENGLISH: When I decided to come to Florianópolis to study Portuguese, I found, via Internet, The Language Club in Lagoa da Conceição. I contacted them, and since I´m not young any more and have already studied other languages I knew I really needed an experienced teacher. The club and I agreed in all details about teacher and the course. Unfortunately when I arrived here I got a horrible disappointment, the club did not keep their words at all. My experience there was terrifying and traumatizing. We have been fighting so much that at the end they refunded my credit to get rid of me.
I became completely desperate for my learning Portuguese plans were failing and the only reason I had travelled down to Brazil was to learn this so beautiful language.
At that moment, I found Celisa Canto. It was love at first glance! She is a private teacher and from the first moment I could feel that she was exactly what I needed.
Nowadays I must thank that language club for having giving me the opportunity to meet my lovely teacher Celisa.
Her discipline, her stability, her constancy, her rigour, her creativity and above all, her deep knowledge motivate her students profoundly. She is able to make us love her own language. Her motivational techniques are absolutely infallible.

I enjoyed so much to study with Celisa that I´ve just decided to carry on my Portuguese studies with her when I´m back to Spain. I will take online Portuguese course with her.
Thanks a lot, Celisa!!!