Learning Portuguese with Celisa is a privilege, and she is sensitive to the ability and the interests of the student. A very highly recommended teacher. Peter Cleland – CFO – UK

Celisa’s genuine passion and knowledge of etymology and history of languages is extraordinary. With this she enables learners to rapidly appreciate differences and similarities between languages; in such a way that provides students a shortcut to knowing what is right without having to depend heavily on memory. Parag Shah – Phisician – USA

My conference was wonderful – you would have been proud – I spent the majority of the time speaking to everyone in Portuguese. It was very empowering! Lisa Lorenzino – CAN – Chair of the Music Education – McGill University

In the beginning, I was doubting of taking lessons with Celisa, given the price. However, she has her own perspective about how one can learn a new language as quick as possible, namely by being thrown into it. Mathieu Olbrechts – Belgium – Biologist

As I am now learning my third foreign language, I can say with confidence that Celisa is the best language teacher I have ever had. David Meissner – USA – Writer